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5 Benefits of Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow Mustard Oil Description

Yellow Mustard Seeds come from the family of regular brown mustard with enhanced benefits, better aroma and taste. The plants can grow well in almost all soils, but to produce the yellow mustard seeds of high quality, they are made to grow in well drained, prepared and a soil with pH around 6.0. The Yellow Mustard Oil is extracted from these seeds and also it is not as strong in smell as regular black mustard oil and maintains the original flavor of the food. Also, it is visibly light in color and is less thick in texture.

The Yellow Mustard Oil is also very nutritious and beneficial like Black Mustard Oil and contains:

  • Energy – 900kcal
  • Protein – 0g
  • Total Fat – 100g
  • Carbohydrates – 0g
  • Fat – 100g
  • Saturated Fat – 25
  • Mono Unsaturated Fat – 48g
  • Poly Unsaturated Fat – 25g, per 100 grams.

The oil extracted from yellow mustard seed is popular for its strong flavor, pungent aroma, and high smoke point and we often use it for sautéing and stir-frying vegetables in many parts of the world, including India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Now, let us see some of the amazing health benefits of Yellow Mustard Oil.

Health Benefits of Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow Mustard Oil is known to possess all the goodness of Yellow Mustard Seeds. It contains all those fatty acids that our body requires for functioning optimally. Because of the miraculous benefits it offers, it has been used since ages. It helps in treating cold and flu symptoms. When we apply it on our chest after heating it with some garlic cloves, it provides relief from congestion and cough. Also, it may help lower the risk of cancer. Thus, we may conclude that there are so many magical health benefits of yellow mustard oil and to name a few, we present some here:

Promotes Hair Growth

Hair fall has become quite a common thing nowadays. It results in thinning of hairs, low volume and increase in scalp visibility. In such case, application of an oil that eradicates these problems and provides a long term relief from them is very necessary. Being rich in micronutrients, Yellow Mustard Oil promotes hair growth and keeps skin healthy.

Relieves Muscle and Joint Pains

It is very effective on the pain receptors of the body and hence, alleviates pain of muscles and joints. Thus, we can say that regular application of this oil on the aching joints will provide an instant relief from the pain. Further, it is also effective against sprains and cramps.

Helps in Maintaining Healthy Blood Flow

Yellow Mustard Oil, being a rich source of all major fats required by our body, strengthens red blood cells. This results in proper blood flow in all the parts of our body. Consequently, oxygen reaches our body’s each and every section or organ. Hence, it visibly improves blood circulation in our entire body.

Keeps our Heart Healthy

Being rich in mono-saturated fatty acids, Yellow Mustard Oil helps in maintaining heart health. These fatty acids can help in reducing our LDL or the bad cholesterol and hence, prevents clogging of arteries. Thus, it lowers the risk of heart attack.

Reduces Inflammation

The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are involved in regulating inflammatory processes of the body and therefore, it helps in reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Healthy Recipes of Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow Mustard Oil or Peeli Sarso Tel is one of the most common oils that Indians use and so, we present here 3 Most Popular Recipes of Yellow Mustard Oil:


We can also use Yellow Mustard Oil in place of Black Mustard Oil while making almost all sorts of pickles. It will add a characteristic taste which marks the uniqueness and popularity of the respective pickle.

Vegetables with or without Gravy

We can make any vegetable, paneer or non-vegetarian dishes with the yellow mustard oil as well because it has a characteristic taste and enhances the flavor of recipe. Further, the aroma it adds to the dishes makes it very popular among brown households.


Yellow Mustard Oil is also a good alternative in place of Black Mustard Oil for cooking legumes like Chola and Rajma as these dishes get a special flavor when we cook them with yellow mustard oil.

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